What's up with LOB stats errors?

There appears to be an inconsistency with scorebooks and out online stats regarding LOB.

The official BA stats program, the Automated Scorebook (TASBS) as well as the MLB online program the ABL and Bite employ, displays LOB differently to that in our official BA scorebook.

SABSA assigns an LOB to the runner if the runner is left on base at the completion of the half innings. The other programs display how many runner(s) the final batter left “stranded” on base.

For example, with runners at first and second base, the batter hits a pop fly for the third out in the half innings.

The scorebook will show an LOB for each of the runners left on first and second base.

The online stats programs will record two LOBs for the batter.

So our individual LOB stats will vary, but the team total should be consistent.