UPDATE: New Membership Platform 2017-18 Season

UPDATE: New Membership Platform 2017-18 Season

Yes, with lowered expectations, the new platform is just about operating as expected.

There seems little likelihood that SABSA will soon be able to access the benefits of the new membership platform.

I hope that clubs are finding the new offering an improvement over past years.



Original Article:

Baseball Australia and State Associations will be implementing a new Membership and Competitions Platform prior to the commencement of the 2017/18 Summer Season.

After attending, along with BSA clubs, a training session on Wednesday 5th July at SportsSA presented by Miranda Frisken of Baseball Australia, Daniel Smith of SportsTG (the re-branding of Sports Technology Group) and assisted by Bianca Smith, BSA Competition & Membership Coordinator, I am happy to report that the development of the new platform appears to be a good change for SABSA and likewise, for CABS.

The primary benefit, without going into too many details, is that SABSA, along with other affiliations such as the Umpires Association, will be able to maintain an accurate membership database which allows individuals to be registered with their local club AND us -- without duplicating accounts!

I was also impressed with the responsiveness of SportsTG to incorporate suggestions for user interface improvements and willingness to listen to our concerns. They seem to want their work to work! That is a significant change to previous experience when, for example, a roomful of club representatives attending the previous platform training was told that the whole world except for Australia lists Visitors first and Home side second, so "get over it." 

 Hopefully, my enthusiasm for the development will thrive as the new season gets underway.

Steve Eads