SABSA is an affiliated body of Baseball South Australia (BSA) first formed in 1976,
with the objective of:

   · promoting the art of baseball scoring
   · encouraging, educating and representing scorers associated with BSA
   · co-operating with and assisting BSA to maintain uniform interpretation
     of the rules of baseball scoring.

The association meets at BSA headquarters on the 2nd Wednesday of every 2nd month
(August, October, December, February, April and June).

Next SABSA Meeting

Wednesday 10th August 7:30pm

Venue: TBA

All Welcomed

SABSA Events

The following Officers were elected at the SABSA AGM
held on Wednesday 10th June, 2015

President Vicky West
Vice President Cathy Hill
Secretary Enza Henty
Treasurer Carol Burns
Cabs Representative Enza Henty
Rules and Scoring Panel Members Enza Henty, Lorraine Dunn
Carolyn Smith, Steve Eads



Congratulations to the Kensington Cardinals and the Woodville Senators for a great two game series!


or here



Reviewed: ASUS computer for TASBS

Looking for a 32-bit computer to run TASBS? Baseball Australia has purchased 10 of these.

Check out this review for the ASUS T100TA Transformer Book by Queensland scorer Connie Stoyakovich


Please take note of the Official Baseball Rule 7.13 change effective September 1st 2014.


1. A runner attempting to score may not deviate from his direct pathway to the plate in order to initiate contact with the catcher (or other player covering home plate). If, in the judgment of the Umpire, a runner attempting to score initiates contact with the catcher (or other player covering home plate) in such a manner, the Umpire shall declare the runner out (even if the player covering home plate loses possession of the ball). In such circumstances, the Umpire shall call the ball dead, and all other base runners shall return to the last base touched at the time of the collision.

Rule 7.13 Comment:  The failure by the runner to make an effort to touch the plate, the runner's lowering of the shoulder, or the runner's pushing through with his hands, elbows or arms, would support a determination that the runner deviated from the pathway in order to initiate contact with the catcher in violation of Rule 7.13. If the runner slides into the plate in an appropriate manner, he shall not be adjudged to have violated Rule 7.13. A slide shall be deemed appropriate, in the case of a feet first slide, if the runner's buttocks and legs should hit the ground before contact with the catcher. In the case of a head first slide, a runner shall be deemed to have slid appropriately if his body should hit the ground before contact with the catcher.

2. Unless the catcher is in possession of the ball, the catcher cannot block the pathway of the runner as he is attempting to score. If, in the judgment of the Umpire, the catcher without possession of the ball blocks the pathway of the runner, the Umpire shall call or signal the runner safe. Notwithstanding the above, it shall not be considered a violation of this Rule 7.13 if the catcher blocks the pathway of the runner in order to field a throw, and the Umpire determines that the catcher could not have fielded the ball without blocking the pathway of the runner and that contact with the runner was unavoidable.

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On Base Percentage


A reminder that Rule 10.21 (f) concerning On Base Percentage does NOT include SAC bunts in the calculation.

"On base percentage, divide the sum of hits, bases on balls and times hit by pitch by the sum of at-bats, bases on balls, times hit by pitch and sacrifice flies."

This issue arose out of discussion during the Level 3 Review held at the SABSA AGM, 

AJL Championship


The Australian Junior League Championship took place from 22-26 May at Diamond Sports SA, West Beach, and the Glenelg Bacesball Club in South Australia this year for the first time after securing a deal to host the Junior League Championship for the next three years.

16 teams from across Australia competed for the Australian Junior League Championship, with the winner Cronulla, gaining an automatic place in the Junior League World Series, which will take place in Taylor, Michigan, USA between 14-21 August 2016.

Thanks to Lorraine Dunn for serving as Scoring Coordinator and to Steve Eads, Enza Henty and Carol Burns for assisting in scoring.

AJLC Recap Here

How Do You Access BSA Stats?


Please tell us how you access Baseball South Australia Stats!

(1) SABSA Website

(2) BSA Website

(3) Game Changer

(4) Other

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2016 CAPPS Medal Ceremony


Baseball SA would like to invite you to the 80th CAPPS Medal Awards night on Wednesday 16th of March 2016.
Please see the poster attached for further details.

You can purchase your tickets online HERE for the special event.

Please note when purchasing tickets online, members need to list their club name in the company section, especially for complete table bookings. This will assist with seating arrangements and the Bite Academy Scholarships.

Hope to see you there!
Kind Regards,
Baseball SA

2016 CAPPS Ceremony Poster

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If you are new to baseball and wish to support your child in this outstanding activity, why not volunteer to score for the team?

Scorers are always sought after and it guarantees you the best seat on the ground to be involved in the game.

Either contact us for more information or browse through the "Basic Scoring" pages in the menu above.


2015 CAPPS Medal Ceremony Scorers' Awards!


Lorraine Dunn and Steve Eads were again selected as Scorers for the 2015 Team of the Year!

Steve was also very honoured to receive the SABL Club Volunteer of the Year award. And thanks to Enza for being ready with her camera!

2015 SABL Club Volunteer of the Year

DIV 1 Finals Live


Finals games are being scored live online here:

Click here for Finals coverage


All Div1 regular season games are on the website!


Thanks to Div 1 Scorers


Thanks to all Div 1 scorers for getting their Scorebook copies to SABSA for stats presentation. The copies often go through several hands and processes in order to be calculated and posted online. Your prompt provision of the scorebook assists greatly. As of December 20, 94 of 95 games are included in the Div 1 stats online. 

SFGate article on MLB Scorers


San Francisco Gate article on MLB Scorers